Moose Mug Huggie Moose Beer Bottle Cooler

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Marty Moose on a cool mission... in the USA Beer Huggies can be found on every corner. And in all shapes and colors. It goes without saying that Marty Moose also received the honor at some point and was chosen as the beer can cooler. Put the cold can in the opening and the cool blond stays cold longer. Firstly because of the foam insulation but also because you no longer cling your 37 degree stylus around it. And yes Margoho, you can also keep a probiotic juice cool in it. But does anyone want that?

Scope of delivery: 1 Original Moose Huggie Material: foam Dimensions: (H/W/D) 10 cm / 15 cm / 8 cm Care: hand wash. Info: Holds a beer in a 0.33 bottle or 0.33 standard can or of course US cans & bottles)

"Here at the North Pole, Father Frost does the job, but your warm fronter urgently needs it!"

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