Moose Mug Punch Bowl (PVC) Christmas Vacation Hit

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Acrylic and PVC products may have slight scratches due to production, which are hardly visible when used. NO MORE NEW PRODUCTION - SOLD OUT WORLDWIDE

The new star in the Moose Mug firmament... is actually an old hand...uh moose. Because a punch bowl has been around for a long time. Yes, this new shell made of plastic. This has advantages and disadvantages. Yes, the collector's item made of glass is significantly more valuable and, being made of glass, extremely iconic. On the other hand, the new Moose Punch Bowl is less sensitive, easier to care for and weighs only a 10th of the old heavy bowl. In terms of appearance and capacity, the two beauties do not differ much. Slight lead glass. Yes. But then comes a KO argument. In terms of costs, the new model completely outdid the glass car. You've never gotten to the refill station for extravagant drinking sessions so cheaply.

Scope of delivery: 1 bowl Moose Punch Bowl + ladle + 10 Griswold Family coasters + 1 Eggnog recipe Material: plastic Capacity : 4 liters Dimensions: (H/W/D) 21 cm / 52 cm / 26 cm Care: Hand wash. Info: Plastic vessels may have slight surface marks.

"4 liters of Eggnog... that's even enough to have a nice drink on New Year's Eve..."

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