Hallmark Ornament 2010 A Bright And Merry Christmas

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A Bright & Merry Christmas... in our opinion the most beautiful ornament Hallmark has ever produced. A year after the incredible success of the RV, they wanted to top that again and came out with the miniature Griswold House. Beautifully detailed and this time with lights and sound. Here, too, the collector's value increases rapidly. A push of the button makes countless small lights shine. Handel's Hallelujah sounds like in a film. Breathtakingly beautiful and Christmas Vacation in its purest form.

Scope of delivery: Hallmark A Bright & Merry Christmas Original 2010 Boxed Edition Material: plastic Dimensions: (H/W/D) 10.5 cm / 8.5 cm / 4 cm Info: New item in box Condition of the box grade 1 Condition of the model grade 1 .

"And unlike the original, you don't need radiation protection to look directly..."

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