Hallmark Ornament 2016 Family Truckster Takes Flight

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The Griswold family car... has now achieved the same iconic status as cousin Eddie's RV. Who would not like to have such a wood-clad beauty in front of the garage? A big wish that Hallmark 2016 fulfilled in a small format. Clark's roadwarrior in a flying state, smashing through roadblocks and wreaking havoc. Yes, it's a Griswold. A beautiful voice acting piece from the first Vacation film. Looks damn good next to all the other ornaments of the last few years.

Scope of delivery: Hallmark Family Truckster Takes Flight Original 2015 Boxed Edition Material: plastic Dimensions: (H/W/D) 5 cm / 4 cm / 15 cm Info: New item in box Condition of the box Note 1 Condition of the model Note 1.

"Bringing chaos onto the road by car is also an old Griswold family tradition..."

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