Hallmark Ornament 2016 A Patriotic Blessing

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A Patriotic Blessing... there he stands, the last of the family fathers. The leather turkey on the silver platter and soon Aunt Bethany will deliver the most memorable of speeches the Christmas world has ever known. While the dubbed version was even funnier (please note that the ornament has the US audio version) the original is in English too splendid. Press the button yourself and listen to the lovable madness that is only possible in Schöne Bescherung. Anyone else cranberries?

Scope of delivery: Hallmark A Patriotic Blessing Original 2015 Boxed Edition Material: plastic Dimensions: (H/W/D) 15 cm / 4 cm / 3 cm Info: New item in box Condition of the box grade 1 Condition of the model grade 1.

"Lederturkey, cat jelly...oh and a cigarette...doesn't even look that good...pig food!"

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