Santa Clark Griswold Bobble-Head Figure Wobbler

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Clark never looked better ... in a Santa suit, moose mug at the ready. Fairy lights and squirrels line the snowy ground. The head of the Griswold family towers a proud 17 cm towards the winter sky. And if you give the boy a front row seat in the car, he'll shake his head wildly on your road trips in the future. Clark's right, family holidays are something to shake your head at. With the Griswolds, of course.

 Scope of delivery: 1 Funko Griswold bobble head Material: PVC Dimensions: (H/W/D) 17.1 cm / 7.6 cm / 5.2 cm Care: Hand wash. Info: collector's value and increasing with every falling snowflake.

"I have it on the sledge on the center console, you have to test the things you give away..."

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