Griswold X-Mas Double Clark & ​​Eddie

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THE LAST 5: Edition only available from us worldwide.
Clark and Eddie... two like cat and dog. And yet a great team. Eddie's madness paired with Clark's obtrusive attempts to celebrate a peaceful party provides the film with wonderful arcs of suspense. And now you're wondering how it's supposed to work out that the two of them are so close together in a box without fighting each other. Let's ask ourselves too. Perhaps the miracle of Christmas? A beautiful set by the dynamic duo. Ho-ho-get it, exclusively at Griswoldshop!

Scope of delivery: 2 collector figures Clark and Eddie Set Material: PVC Dimensions: (H/W/D) 9.4 cm / 4.2 cm / 3.5 cm Info: Limited long out of stock collector's box only available from us.

"They say keep your friends warm but your enemies to the septic tank is warm enough!"

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