Christmas Vacation Cineframe "Clark & ​​Ellen"

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Griswold history... for your own 4 walls. In addition to the piece of film strip from the film, this collector's picture in the frame also includes the title signet and a picture of Clark and Ellen. Looks incredibly peaceful with the Griswolds, wouldn't you know better...Each picture is equipped with a unique filmstrip. You see an icon image, your collectible may contain a different scene. All pieces are from real old 35 mm film rolls of the cinema goods of the time

Scope of delivery: frame with picture and film strip Material: glass Dimensions: (H/W/D) 17.2 cm / 12 cm / 2.2 cm Info: With original pieces from 35 mm film rolls of the film from the USA, real cinema memories from 1989

"If Clark brings the hammer back from the chamber, he can hang up the picture right away..."

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