Christmas Vacation Coffee Mug "Magic House"

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Magical moments ... prepares this cult piece of porcelain. Just as black as Cousin Eddie's future prospects, the inconspicuous cup is transformed into a work of art. Fill in the hot drink and the Griswold house, complete with festive lighting, spreads across the container. When the cup gets cold, the motif disappears again. Aunt Bethany will request an exorcism. Too much magic in this house. But the main thing is that the evening is beautiful. .

Material: Ceramic Capacity : 0.35 l Dimensions: (H/W/D) 11 cm / 8 cm / 8 cm Care: Hand wash Info: The special thermal layer that makes the magic possible retains its magic best when you air dry.

"What this bosom heat can do with a coffee mug like that..."

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