Blow Up Griswold XXL Deco The Griswold Car

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The Family Station Wagon... that steel monster that isn't too bad even for trips into the frosty forests. Yes, everyone would like to have such a cart. One can have one. Introducing the inflatable Griswold Car. A fabulous decoration that not only takes your breath away, but also a lot of space in your cathedral. Because the thing is as crass as it is big. The hammer decoration comes inconspicuously in a small garage aka box. They start the motor, i.e. the blower. Now the skin of the car fills with air and the dream object of every fan builds up in front of you. Tataaa... even with lights inside the case. And you thought the tree was the space monster...

Scope of delivery: 1 inflatable station wagon with light Material: Nylon Dimensions: (H/W/D) 1.8 meters / 0.8 meters / 0.4 meters Info: Runs with a permanent fan to keep the shape, power connection and voltage converter required. Can be used indoors and outdoors, you are responsible for the weatherproof, safe installation.

"Of course you can also go into the front yard, but Eddie's RV is already there..."

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