3 x Original Moose Glass Clear (Glass) Griswold Moose Mug

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A threesome... it doesn't have to be offensive. Or is it? After all, 3 seductive beauties are vying for your favor here. All 3 consecrated glass graces are dressed in chic photo boxes and invite you to uninhibited unboxing. Orgiastic drinking pleasure from perfectly shaped goblets follows. And what you then do after you have happily enjoyed the holiday punch in the intoxication of your befuddled senses... yes, that's up to you. Whatever it is, don't go to the store and steer clear of the chainsaw!

Scope of delivery: 3 Original Moose Mugs + 3 Griswold Family coasters + 3 Eggnog recipes Material: Glass Capacity : 0.227 l Dimensions: (H/W/D) 11.4 cm / 16 cm / 10.2 cm Care: Hand wash. Info: Suitable for drinks up to 50 degrees / from 10 years. For children we recommend the plastic Moose Mugs.

"The ideal drinking set when it's super squishy outside. Uh... I mean chilly. Did I say squishy?"

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