2 x Original moose glass clear (glass) Griswold Moose Mug

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Christmas madness squared... with this Moose mug two-pack. cups in stereo - or in pairs, of course. Each "Goblet with the Moose" comes in its own gift box. A real hit under the tree, a party guarantee for the Griswold Christmas event and a loyal companion throughout the Advent season. The family signed up? Everyone walked in. Moose Mugs are also available as sets of 3, 4 and Family Mega. Also with punch bowl and accessories. Shop more + save more = have a lot more money left over for Eggnog. A nice gift!
Scope of delivery: 2 Original Moose Mugs + 2 Griswold Family coasters + 2 Eggnog recipes Material : Glass Capacity : 0.227 l Dimensions: (H/W/D) 11.4 cm / 16 cm / 10.2 cm Care: Hand wash. Info: Suitable for drinks up to 50 degrees / from 10 years. For children we recommend the plastic Moose Mugs .
"An Eggnog. Swei Ecknog.
Real still. Mr Knenkock.
Pooh, what else?"

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