Moose Mug Wine Glass (Glass) Christmas Vacation

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Wine drinkers rejoice... rescue is at hand. From now on, noble grape juice can also be drunk from the elk goblet. These iconic moose wine glasses are in no way inferior to their cup counterparts. The same beautiful body, but on a long stylus, almost staggering in height. Real chic for the Griswold fan of the world who also indulges in the vintage. There are no compromises. The same sturdy glass, a beautiful photo box and of course including a Griswold coaster and Eggnog recipe.

Scope of delivery: 1 Original Moose Mug wine glass + 1 Griswold Family coaster + 1 Original USA Eggnog recipe Material: Glass Capacity : 0.227 l Dimensions: (H/W/D) 18.2 cm / 16 cm / 10.2 cm Care: Hand wash no Machine Info: For drinks up to 50 degrees / from 14 years

"The grapes never tasted sweeter... Merry Christmas together!"

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