Turtle dove friendship set as in Home Alone 2

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Two little doves... and yet goosebumps come from whoever is presented with one of the two treasures. Because that means we're connected as long as we each own that part of the pair of lovebirds. The beautiful white symbols for friendship, connectedness and love are now available from us as USA imports. Because what if not great feelings are what make Christmas. These are exactly the pigeons you know from Kevin alone in New York. The original. Artist John Perry designed these for the film Home Alone 2 and ships direct to us. You get the absolutely same pigeons. Made in USA. Merry Christmas.

Perhaps the most beautiful gift in times of social distancing. Limited edition.

Scope of delivery: Set of 2 lovebirds in a gift box Material: Resin Dimensions: (H/W/D) 8 cm / 5 cm / 2 cm Info: USA direct import from the original artist exactly as in the film.

"Turkey on the table, squabs on the tree, Christmas is going to be really flighty this year..."

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