Tasmanian Devil Mug Original 1989 slight damage

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Small chip on the edge but with the original tag and cheaper. Pictures do not show the offering cup with chipping.

There can only be one... the Taz Mug. That irresistible gem that Clark Griswold carries with him in the office. Contrary to the Moose Mugs, however, this gem was never reissued 1:1. Warner Brothers has brought other ceramic and plastic models onto the market over the years. The original from 1989 cannot be compared to coffee water. A USA import that is fun to watch and activates the cinema in your head. Super rare and only available at crazy prices. Extremely high increase in value. Don't fall for similar mugs. Description of condition see info

Scope of delivery: Original Taz Mug 1989 + 1 Griswold Family coaster Material: Ceramic Capacity : 0.3 l Dimensions: (H/W/D) 15 cm / 8 cm / 8 cm Care: Hand wash. Info: Original 1989 slight injuries

"The Grieskopf cup is great, and now put it with the others..."

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