Original Autograph Nicolette Scorsese on A&R Moose Mug (Acrylic)


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Crevices and peaks… come to mind. And is it suddenly getting crazier? We can take something out for you... this A&R Moose Mug with an original signature and dedication from the legendary lingerie saleswoman. Merry Xmas on one side and the name on the other. A one-off and therefore as rare as the blue Muaritius, only slightly cheaper. It warms your heart, even when it's freezing cold outside. Scope of delivery: A&R Moose Mug made of acrylic glass signed Nicolette Scorsese Info: All autographs are unique and originals from the USA, we always have the source with us as proof. Here A&R collectibles.

"My cap is glowing, what a woman, what a scene..."

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