Original Moose Mug Christmas Lights


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The moose never lights up sweeter... if your lights go out after 10 cups of moose eggnog, just turn on others. This cult light chain with mini moose cups, 10 in number, completes the Griswold festival lighting. And we promise, there is nothing to unravel, no extra nuclear reactor has to be connected to the grid and all bulbs are already tested. So get to the lights rabble.

Scope of delivery: 1 original Moose Mug light chain with 10 Moose Mugs Material: plastic Dimensions: 0.7 meter cable feed, 3 meter chain with 10 mooses at a distance of 30 cm Info: 120V USA import, requires voltage converter.

US product with 120 V - requires a DE/USA voltage converter (see other offer in this section)

"The more subtle festive lighting: less clutter, fewer landing attempts by large aircraft..."

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