Moose Mug Punch Glass Christmas Vacation


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The zenith of the Moose Mug sky... is this stunning punch bowl. Big, heavy and with a capacity that even Cousin Eddie's drinking habits would be tested. Of course OVP in the beautiful gift box. The special thing about this masterpiece: it is super rare and has not been produced for years. Worldwide we only have a small stock of this treasure in stock. And it was difficult and expensive to get hold of. So it might be. Real fans have one last chance at a gigantic collector's item. Merry Griswolds!

Scope of delivery: 1 original Moose punch bowl + 1 plastic ladle + 4 Griswold Family coasters + 1 Eggnog recipe Material: glass Capacity : 3.86 liters Dimensions: (H/W/D) 29 cm / 38 cm / 29 cm Care: Hand wash.

"3.8 liters capacity, just enough to ring in Christmas Eve... "