A Christmas Story Coffee Mug MAGIC Leglamp Window


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The leg lamp... That electric sex that's taking over the Parker's home and life. And now also in the living room window. Like you have no reputation to lose. While the head of the family proudly admires the new gem in the cold outside the house, the rest of the family is ashamed inside. Tastes just differ. Except for this cup, which magically conjures up the aforementioned scene when it is filled hot. Distracts from the lamp!

Scope of delivery: Original Magic Muc Material: Ceramic Capacity : 0.3 l Dimensions: (H/W/D) 11.2 cm / 8 cm / 8 cm Care: Hand wash. Info: In order to protect the special layer, we recommend gentle cleaning without rubbing.

»Christmas Story Life Hack #05. 
Never, never, never mess with proud fathers of a family..."

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