2 x Original Moose Glass GOLD (Glass) Griswold Moose Mug


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My darlingzzz... calm blood! The double pack offers brilliant fun for 2 bling bling friends. Like the Frosted Edition, the iconic Moose Mugs with the golden antlers are limited. So grab it while the little animals still populate the shop clearing. The decadent twins with radiant antlers come with all accessories x 2 and are something very special. They are usually awarded to squirrel hunters, fairy lights conquerors, attic squatters. To the last of all family fathers... Salut!

Scope of delivery: 2 Original Moose Mugs Gold Edition + 2 Griswold Family coasters + 2 Eggnog recipes Material: Glass Capacity : 0.227 l Dimensions: (H/W/D) 11.4 cm / 16 cm / 10.2 cm Care: Hand wash. Info: Suitable for drinks up to 50 degrees / The gold can flake off a little over time / Ages 10 and up. For children we recommend the plastic Moose Mugs.

"The boys are real posers, but they shine in the candlelight..."

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