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The fir is down, the squirrel sits comfortably in the branches. Eggnog reloaded - Check! 100 liters are enough. Well, let's see. Rusty checks a few hundred more lights. Is anything missing. Oh yes, the yearly recurring questions and answers about the festival of festivals. Well, actually more on this page. But that might help too.


What's the deal with the Moose Mugs?
>> Long story short. Christmas Vacation was the second film in the National Lampoons Vacation series. And the best. The film and many of the original ideas in the film developed into a real cult. The Moose Mugs are one of them. Only seconds in the picture but the epitome of the wonderfully weird madness of the film. And the fact that you can also drink the absolutely classic and delicious Eggnog from it is of course an added value. The rest was done by the desire for something not to have, countless fan voices and above all the newly emerging Internet, which made the lobby heard.

How long have Moose Mugs been around?
>> Demand was already there in 1989 when the film was shown in American cinemas. But it took years until this courageous fan took over. Canadian Moose can rightly claim to have been the first port of call for Moose Mugs. Handmade glasses by the artist who also worked for the film saw the light of day there. But that was only long after the turn of the millennium.

The first Moose Mugs were offered in Europe in 2004. Cultica, so we import cups from different producers. Among other things, A&R Collectibles, which triggered a storm of enthusiasm with their acrylic cups, which are very robust and have their own design.

ICUP has been the official licensee for Moose Mugs and many other Christmas Vacation products since 2014. As the official partner, we are responsible for Europe and make sure every year that only the best Christmas Vacation products with the best service are exclusively distributed under the Christmas tree.

Which are the ones from the movie?
The original film was produced by hand. None left the set alive. No version that has been released since is 100% accurate. This is intentional and also has legal reasons. The Moose Mugs from ICUP are not only the official and licensed ones, they are also very close to the original from the film and thanks to the beautiful artwork of the gift boxes they are definitely the number 1 purchase recommendation.

And the differences between the models?
>> The classic is the clear Moose Mug . She is beautiful, stable and the most popular. Closely followed by the Frosted Moose Mug which is slightly roughened. Looks nice but has the disadvantage that it is more sensitive. Like the Frosted, the Gold Moose Mug is a special edition. The Gold Mug has golden antlers and is therefore not sandblasted as stable as the clear version. Since 2019 the clear one has also been available as a PVC Moose Mug . It is similar to its glassy brother, but does not have a fillable snout. But it is more durable and significantly cheaper, especially since it is sold in a cheap pack of 2. Ideal for kids. Last but not least there is the Shot Moose Mug . Small schnapps glasses in Moose Mug Look made of acrylic. Also very popular and as I said shot glasses.

And which one should you buy?
>> All of course. So let's do it all without greed... we recommend the Clear Glass Moose Mugs for adults and the new Plastic Moose Mugs for children. For collectors, the Frosted Version is an additional decoration, and for those who are short, the Mini Moose Mugs are available beforehand or alongside. Only one person should get the Gold Mug, you can make a nice tradition out of the mug. The oldest who achieved the most in the year or who made the 10,000 Italian incandescent lights shine. There are reasons like isopods in the RV.

And the punch bowl?
>> Here the choice is easier. The glass bowl has not been produced since 2017. We are the last to offer the last ones worldwide, which unfortunately also explains the price. collectible value. The new plastic shell has been available since 2019. No, not as valuable but more durable and much cheaper.

What can I use the Moose Mugs for?

>> To drink. Getting more and more established. kidding aside. The cups are made for Eggnog that you drink cold. Nevertheless, the cups have also proven themselves up to 50 degrees. Mulled wine and punch are therefore possible if not boiling hot but warm. Whether glass cups or plastic cups. The same advice applies here.

Handwash only?
yup. As much as we like to sell something, we also value that the valued fan can enjoy his cups for a long time. And that works much better if you banish the dishwasher to the realm of the unknown future. Nobody has to go to the river with the things with the washboard like in the old days. But please just rinse by hand and let dry. The moose will thank you, as will your wallet.


Why are things cheaper here than at Am... and Eb...?

>> Because we have to pay extremely unfestive fees on the platforms indicated above. Anyone who buys there, whether from us or other dealers, unfortunately has to pay extra. Completely unnecessary if you think that a hand, no matter how effeminate, needs about 1 second to buy one page directly from us. Cheaper, better and faster. So hand, go straight to Go, without detours!

Is there anything else you can do about the price?
Gladly upstairs, otherwise. No one no. Our prices are calculated as tough as the RV fuel consumption from the campsite to Clark's garden. We're not a dot-com that wants to pull the skin over customers' ears or put a metal plate in their skulls. But we have to make money. We price each item fairly and offer it as cheaply as possible. Unfortunately, there are no longer any discounts.

However: Companies and other large orders that exceed an order value of 5000 euros will contact us and we will check whether there is still a small but fine margin. If you are expecting a Christmas miracle, you are wrong here. Because we give everyone the best price.

I've seen the item cheaper in the US.
Please remember that buying the item is only about 60% of the cost. Shipping costs, taxes, customs duties but also import logistics and sorting out broken units. All this costs money. us too! But the advantages of buying here are manifold: Delivery within days instead of weeks, full support, no broken packages and 0 dirty talk with customs officials who really like to put you through the stress test. We are the sole and exclusive distributor for most of the items on this site. And our prices and our support, including warranty claims, are the best thing that can happen to you. Promised.

Things used to be cheaper.
Like everything. Bread used to cost 10 pfennigs, the carousel didn't run much more and organic vegetables even grew for free in every garden. We are like everyone. Everyone wants more money, including producers, licensors, the post office and the father state, who doesn't act like a nice father at all. If everyone wants more from you, you have to ask for more to finance it more. A diabolical system, this market economy, but we didn't invent it. We just have to deal with it like everyone else. Incidentally, we have not increased the prices of 95% of all items in the last 10 years, just for information. Many things have even become cheaper. We should actually get a spot for that. No? Too bad.

What about special offers?
>> We try to be as cheap as possible in our own shop. Fair prices make it difficult to get even cheaper prices. That's why what's going on at hardware stores and the like is a revealing illusion. Compared to the competition, most of our prices are already lower. From time to time we also put on our generous pants and reduce a few crackers in the value of toads. These are then marked as SALE. Oh yes, and we're always happy to give 20 percent off pet food, you heard Rotzi. Barrel!

What prevents me from looking here and buying somewhere else?
>> First of all, we are the only official source for this portfolio in Europe. Thanks to copyright and trademark protection and a pack of lawyers, it will stay that way. If someone other than us, Cultica™ and Griswoldshop offers ICUP Moose Mugs or other items from the ICUP / Cultica portfolio, this is probably a gray import. Our advice: hands off. Often these are fakes. There is usually no guarantee anyway and if we see the providers, we get a letter from the lawyer. We are friendly but not stupid, we like to be nice and we can also be quite un-Christmas.

As the only official and real alternative, anyone in the US can shop directly, everyone is free to do so. Along with all the reprisals that an import entails. And the cost. And if the mugs are defective, the American providers can take care of that, of course we don't offer any support. Incidentally, the resale of the goods purchased there in Europe apart from private quantities is also prohibited. This is called distribution protection.

Once again the note: the portfolio is largely subject to copyright, distribution and trademark protection. The idea of ​​hanging out here is fatal and we strongly advise against it.


I would like to buy on account.
>> Go ahead
. Thanks Klarna. Select the form of payment in the shop and you only pay the bills 14 days later. THEN PLEASE DO NOT TRANSFER THE AMOUNT TO OURS. Thanks.

And cash on delivery?
>> After 10 years in which the postman rang the doorbell more or less successfully and asked for a small donation, which he was often refused, which is why he sent the goods back to us, we decided to send this payment method to the eternal hunting grounds as well.

What about other means of payment?
In the Allgäu, too, we said goodbye to glass beads and bartering and learned to appreciate the euro. Internet shopping should be easy and the payment options we offer offer everyone a quick and effective solution to pay for purchases with full security for both parties. With PayPal, credit card and purchase on account, there should be something for everyone.


Where does GRISWOLDSHOP deliver?

>> The staunch friends of our festive merriment can be found all over Europe. As far as possible, we're happy to give everyone their portion of Christmas madness, no matter where they are. We charge by weight. That's fair and in the end everyone pays what we pay. No less, but no more. So we can offer shipping to almost all countries in Europe.

In general, we can also send to all non-listed countries. An email is enough with the items and the delivery address and we will make you an offer.

How does ordering and shipping work?
>> First, in the pre-holiday frenzy, you let yourself be charmed by our stuff. Blink blink, have a glass of mulled wine first. Then put everything in the shopping cart (less is no longer!) and off to the checkout. Then enter the address, select the payment method and off we go, the frost, the post, i.e. the moose...yes, that's what we mean.

How long does delivery take?
>> Of course we're putting heavenly pressure on Swiss Post, as befits a company of our festival quality. Nevertheless, around 22,300 snowflakes fall before the goods arrive. That's 2-4 days within Germany. Abroad it takes a little longer. The Santanic messenger rings after about 7 days. If nothing arrives, a short email to us is sufficient.

Can you follow the show?
>> No. Nice answer right? In general, we do not provide any tracking data. Many customers asked us to only send a confirmation email after purchase. So things stayed secret. However, if you are impatient, you can email us and we will send you the DHL data. Normally, however, our orders are quick as a greased wok on the steep slope.

It is a gift. Is the packaging spoiler?
>> NO! Cultica is the only sender on the box. This means that the loving gift remains top secret and is packaged extra neutrally, as if it were from the junk mail order company itself...we should definitely offer junk stuff too. Something with cracks and peaks. Real feelings.

Why do I have to pay for pre-orders immediately?
Because this is the only way we can make a binding reservation for the item. We always have too few goods in stock and this is the only way we can make sure that the people who reserve are really interested. The advantage: those who order and pay now have the best price and the guarantee that the goods will be forwarded to us as soon as they snow. Brand new and original packaging. Thank you for understanding.


The box looks open. Is that B-stock?

>> We only sell A-Ware. Returns, i.e. B-goods, are no longer sent to our shop but to companies who buy these things from us in bulk and pay correspondingly less. Cardboard boxes and the original packaging can still look open, as they are subject to a lot when imported as sea freight and are also checked by customs.

An OVP box may have been opened for quality reasons or because we are still packing something in the box. But the goods are brand new. And that is hardly the case with any other dealer. (And this claim also costs us a pig money - damned ambition!)

An item is wrong, missing or broken?

>> We're sorry. Please just send us an email. After we have crossed out the person responsible from Santa's gift list, one of the remaining Christmas elves sends new goods and a tear as a sign of analogue inadmissibility as long as we don't settle it all with 5-foot robots. Sorry again, we promise we'll get back the favor in case of mishaps.

I don't like an article.
>> Sometimes you fall in love and the first real date doesn't spark. How good if you then have 14 days cancellation period. You can find everything about this in the corresponding section of our website. And of course you will be informed again before you buy. Of course we are happy if the buyer hugs his sweetheart, but if it doesn't work, you don't have to build a relationship that can't come to fruition.

The package never arrived.
>> Ugh postman, did you steal the package with Christmas presents? If Santa sees this. And he does. So. Domestically, every order you place must be there 7 days after payment. Abroad within 10 days. If DHL does not get in touch by then, please write briefly. Also earlier if there is a fire. We extinguish the fire, not the request!

There was too much in the package.
>> Nana, that's not what decent materialists in the western hemisphere say. To tell you the truth, we all suffer from an incurable St. Nicholas complex, And like to include gifts. We think you're never too old for surprises. So be happy and feel young again!

But the article looked different online.
>> There can be many reasons for this. Other monitor colors, changes to the models in mass production for quality but also copyright or security reasons. We really try to represent every item that appears on our site authentically. But sometimes we stumble over product images that have been changed by the manufacturer and that no longer correspond to the final article. If that's the case, just let us know and we'll take a look.

The woman, the moon, the house weren't even included in the package.
Our mood shots and advertising posters like to show the arsenal in vividly imaginable scenes. Of course, these also show things that are definitely not in the package such as full size Santas, tons of snow and peace on earth. However, we make sure that all items are photographed "as they are" in the product descriptions. So that the mood shots make you happy. In combination with the product images and texts, however, it becomes clear what is sold and what is not.


What's the quickest way to reach you?
Medial. If you have this ability send now, everyone else please send an email. The telephone hotline is always completely overbooked. As much as we love chatting with customers, it takes a lot of time. Mails, on the other hand, reach us immediately and we have everything in front of us in black and white. Therefore the request again: email, we usually react before the next door is due for inspection.

Can I also pick up the items?
>> No. We are an online only company. Even Saint Nicholas has to have his fan articles sent home. The reasons are manifold. Insurance, logistics, homework, we also have to feed the sea sow and not to forget the evil little clock...

I'm looking for something very specific.
>> All of life is a quest. As much as we'd love to help, what's not in our program we don't have. We buy hundreds and thousands of items. This is the only way we can generate bearable purchase prices. Of course, if someone wants hundreds or thousands of pieces of a product, go for it. By the way, if an article is not good, we will not include it in our range. This could also be the reason for his absence.

I am a dealer and would like to offer the items?
The resale of our articles. All article is absolutely forbidden. Our contract and distribution rights are exclusive and non-negotiable. We check offers on the web and must take legal action against unlawful resales. Of course, everyone is allowed to offer their own purchases on ebaäh and elsewhere if they no longer like them.

Something is wrong on the pages.
>> This whole thing is about the Griswold family Christmas. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. And when you think about your own crazy holidays, there's more than one lamp in the bucket, isn't there? Halelujah, that's what it's all about. Of course, if there is a major error in the system that should be diluted, we would be happy to hear from you. We then chase him into the chamber and slay him with the hammer.


Are the cups and glasses and other vessels dishwasher safe?
No! Although you can wash some things on the top rack, the glasses and everything that needs to be washed lasts much longer if you wash it by hand. And please be careful. Moose Mugs are not beer mugs. The little moose are protected species and hate it when you hurt them. And the account too.

Is all this really original?
>> A sensitive topic and the question is justified. Over and over again. We've been in business since the turn of the millennium. We are on first-name terms with the manufacturers and in permanent contractual and legal cooperation. We are official supplier, distributor and we respect and protect the registered trademarks as well as own some to protect the goods from imitations.

If you still have the slightest doubt about an article, a short line is enough. We're happy to help. This also applies to products from our portfolio that have been seen or even bought elsewhere. We gratefully accept reports of counterfeiting and have, on more than one occasion, taken a necessary crackdown on such cases.

Oh, and the answer is a resounding yes!

The page is not working properly for me.
>> Our website is designed for almost every browser and almost every resolution (although the whole thing looks really bad in 280 x 360 monochrome). Whether smartphone or PC bolide, the Christmas spirit should actually slip smoothly into the box. Short email where the squirrel is raging and we'll be happy to check what's going on. Since we have not outsourced the IT to Kurdistan, we can react well. Small jab with the tail at a few large corporations that have so little soul in them and have as much to do with the products they offer as Cousin Eddie has to do with a university professor.


Can I use images or text?

>> Not the tiniest morsel. sorry We invest an enormous amount of time in high-quality illustrations and texts. Therefore, the note that everything on our site is subject to copyright and may not be mopped either in part or in part. Sounds funny, but it is less funny when you get mail from the lawyer. And from Santa Claus there's only a piece of coal. So don't even get any ideas.

I have a press request.
Please use the contact form to get in touch. Mails are then forwarded to the contact person and we answer before the second ghost of Christmas snows in. The clearer the request and its origin, the clearer we can call yes, no, hurrah, maybe or wrongly connected.

However, we ask that you refrain from offering social marketing, internet boosting and SEO magic. If you can do all this so well, you don't have to clean the doorbell without being asked, do you? Thank you for understanding.


Who is behind Cultica?
madmen. In 1989 we fell madly in love with the film. And, of course, recognized us, because in the end everything that happens there only sparks because we are all a bit Griswold. Fate, but also our family and professional roots in the USA mixed with a great deal of passion then led to what can be admired here today. Oh and Eggnog was also involved...

What's the idea?
When the web was young it was magical. Bold sides, crazy ideas, lots of personality and lots of anarchy. Then the big players from offline life and new ones came along and punished the wild horse Internet. It's now a lame horse that's almost completely controlled by a few big companies. We get bored on the same pages with the same boring offers over and over again.

We want to see more pictures, laugh again and feel personality. Feel the passion behind what is shown and finally have fun again. We're trying to do that here too. A site where you can buy but also just have fun when you visit it. A page that shows that behind it are fans like you. Real people instead of slick employees who only use sentence construction kits.

We on the team are all 80's kids and loved window shopping. The personal conversation and the warm advice in the shops. The tangible presentation, often loving and personal. The opportunity to just look, be amazed and sometimes not buy anything, but still be satisfied. We're trying to bring all of that to the online world. As best we can, as best we can. If you enjoy yourself here, have fun, feel good, we have accomplished our mission. And that is completely independent of a sale. Which makes us happy but is not the only goal of our performances.

Who runs the shops?
>> We. So the Griswolds cut down the tree themselves and Aunt Bethany bagged her cat. Our team consists of designers, journalists and other passionate souls who invest a lot of joy and time in making this small plot of the now rather dull web a little more alive. With edges and corners because people have them too and they always will. Digit-al yes, eel-smooth no.

What are the favorite items?
>> Everything that we carry in our shops has been checked by us and has inspired us. We are not sponsored and get bonuses if we sell any cheese. And products that aren't any good are being phased out of the range faster than Italian light bulbs bless their premature existence. But we especially appreciate our Moose Mug Sets and the autographs as well as of course the Advent house that our dear friend Raymond made for us in the USA and that is incomparably beautiful. And also just as expensive.

How is Christmas celebrated?
>> Old-fashioned. In the family circle. Anything else would be weird, wouldn't it? Christmas Eve is a very contemplative, quiet and beautiful day with us. During the day we still do customer service. But when it gets dark, it's over for us too. One last eggnog before driving home for Christmas. For family, banquets and bright lights.

Where can you see the people of the team?
>> Since we are not reincarnated as zoo animals, nowhere. We prefer to act backstage. When there was Rampensau soup, our soup plates probably had a hole in them. Therefore, as much as we value our customers, as much as we entrust them. You won't see selfies from us. From time to time, however, one of us is a model on the advertising graphics for the articles. So much can be revealed...

What else is the team doing besides Christmas?
In addition to this shop, we also run our eerily beautiful Halloween shop under the name of Screamstore. It's also different from others, it's worth taking a look for yourself. In addition, we have a lot of other things that are available on the market. Shirts, prints, bags, caps, posters and much more. We are easy to get but hard to escape from.

Since this job is a nice one but not one that makes you rich (don't believe stupid yt video), we all work on other things at the same time. Write, illustrate, you won't find any clerks or insurance agents here.

I like what I see, can I rate it?
Nothing pleases our holiday guests more than a friendly review. It brings something, especially on third-party platforms. Others will certainly thank you if you make recommendations. And of course we do too. 9 out of 10 customers buy the goods overpriced on a platform, nobody benefits from it except the omnivorous big company. So, let's start with the proper twittering, the Facebock fatten the scales properly Instagrams. We love everyone who makes us acquainted with it now until the end of our earthly days.

What was the funniest thing about Griswold?
>> That would fill a book. But nice is the thing with the package in which a sound generator was in it meowing. We wanted to mass produce it. The test product came from China and customs and DHL but everyone else was visibly confused and not amused that we had ordered a cat in a package. I say yes, we're all a little Griswold. (We're still working on the generator...)

What is your favorite scene in the film?
There we are and pretty much in agreement. 23:30 When Clark hangs on the gutter and sees that it is about to come loose. So the chaos just goes one better. This peaceful, accepting face, this facial expression before the final meltdown. Just wonderful. And then there are about 100 scenes that we absolutely love. We are real fans, we should memorialize the film. Oh right. We already have...even better.

44:15 when Eddie easily dissects the Christmas pyramid from the hip, also great. Especially since our Moose Mugs also appear there.

I still have a question...
Maybe we also have an answer. It's best to inquire using the contact form, because if we send the email address here, the rich uncle of the 13th degree will email us again and wants to force his inheritance on us, sell a revolutionary hair restorer, etc...

Thanks for being here, keep having fun and of course... Merry Griswolds!