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24 Christmas Vacation Facts - griswoldshop

You know Christmas Vacation inside and out? Can every line have a say? The universe of beautiful presents has already grown together with you, so to speak? Let's believe immediately! Nevertheless, the next 24 inside facts may still be completely or partly new for you as an old Griswoldian. Funny, exciting, crazy served in 24 pieces. So quickly poured a new cup of eggnog and off we went...


The journey begins. Bag and baggage in the old station wagon, the cinematic celebration starts with the Christmas tree mission. But why are the family members tanned in some scenes in the car, and cheese white in others? Well, in the follow-up work at the editing desk, you noticed that you still had to reshoot. So back to the studio! Only now it was midsummer and the actors were tanned. It doesn't matter... Camera on, eyes closed and through. Nobody will notice. And honestly... you never have, have you?


Those hilly wondrous worlds, home of the bushy, resinous firs. Too bad the Griswolds actually live in Chicago. And mountains are as rare as Christmas bonuses. Hollywood makes it possible. The scenes in the snowy forest mountains take place in Colorado. However, the old family sled would have had to cover more than 1000 kilometers for this. And with all the love for the traditional Christmas celebration and Clark's ambition when looking for a tree. That's unlikely...even when driving under a truck footboard.


Oh yes, finally in bed. The bunny pajamas on, an exciting magazine in the resinous paws. Lots of resin! But what is Clark reading there? The magazine is there, but the issue is not. The team allowed themselves a gag here. The director's likeness, Jeremiah Chechik, is pilloried on the cover. So, like Hitchcock in his films, the genius of this classic has immortalized itself in the film. So watch carefully when Clark fights the magazine again. This is the mind that created this wonderful madness.


Actually, Jeremiah Chechick wasn't supposed to be directing Beautiful Christmas Eve. The then relatively unknown Chris Columbus had the job on the hook. After a few days of shooting and two wild arguments with Chevy Chase, however, he gave up in despair. Chechick jumped in. The unnerved Columbus got another commissioned work from the studio bosses as a reconciliation. A small, nice Christmas film that should be called "Home Alone, Kevin home alone". That's called a jackpot!


Clark Griswold cares for them like no other. Also in terms of clothing. The Chicago Bears baseball cap on his skull (with no lead plate in it whatsoever) is a fixed and permanent headdress in the film. Not only in Christmas Vacation but in all episodes of the series. But that's not all; According to Chevy Chase's daughter, her dad even has the freaky pajamas from the movie still hanging in his closet. And 30 years later, it still proudly wears it on its aged chest. It's nice when you're so close to your alter ego.


Johnny Galecki plays the little brother of Audrey aka Jennifer Lewis in the film. In real life, however, Johnny was significantly older than Juliette. Next to the precocious lady, he still looked like half a portion and was scripted as a latecomer. The Big Bang Theory star is still small today, but only in terms of height. When it comes to wealth, no one will be able to spit on the multimillionaire's head today. Well, who would have thought that filing calluses would produce so much ash.


On the film set are not uncommon. Clark had to experience it too. In the scene where he treats Santa's reindeer, it happened: Chevy hit the decoration with his fists and... broke his finger. But Chevy stayed professional. Because his hand was gone, he boldly followed it up with his boot. Until the pain was unbearable and he jumped out of the picture screaming. The scene stayed! It was just too good to be cut or reshot. Well, Clarkyboy, no one, not even a Griswold, messes with Santa with impunity!


Are like earthquakes. No really now. In the scene where Aunt Bethany and Uncle Lewis rush in the door of the film, the earth shook in Los Angeles. The cameraman stumbled, which can be seen in the shaky image. The tremors were moderate, no squirrels were injured. And the scene? Of course it stayed in the film. Even today, production insiders are still discussing whether the invasion of the Griswold clan might not have been the trigger for the upheaval in Hollywood. Anyone who knows the Griswolds has no doubts about this theory. The head of the family, Clark, certainly sees it that way too.


Better known as Aunt Bethany is a cult and central star in the Griswold Universe. She was famous long before the film. Already in 1930 Mae Questel went to the film. When she was still a young girl, she lent her voice to the TV celebrity Betty Boop and thus became a celebrated star herself. Other smaller roles followed over the decades. Beautiful presents was probably her biggest and unfortunately last appearance on earthly stage boards. But Mae lives on. In our hearts, on the screen and somewhere out there. With Krambambuli and the many little Chinese. Good evening!


The lead plate in the head, the heart in the right place and the RV in the front yard. Cousin Eddie is awesome, the movie character too good to be true. Or maybe not? Actor Randy Quaid says "Eddie exists" and said he took a lot of inspiration from the performance. A good friend from Texas therefore provided a lot of material for the crazy RV and mobile toilet owner. And anyone who knows Quaid knows that he carries more than just a few of the genes of this gorgeous guy. So Eddie is like Saint Nicholas and the truth is out there somewhere. And maybe closer than some think. Have you looked in the front yard today?


sue Eddie's little daughter didn't have it easy in life. The thing with the well and the mule. Eddie as Daddy. And as if that wasn't enough, there was also a wig requirement on the film set. Fact: the wispy mane is as real as Cousin Eddie's retirement fund. The film crew didn't think the short hairstyle was cute enough. So, mat up and down the Christmas mail. No fun between the spotlights in the muggy film studio. And so there is perhaps more truth in the words of little Ruby Sue than she thought when she says "I think this Santa Claus nonsense for Ar... is complete". Clear announcement.


Aka Eddie's son didn't have to wear a wig. But he wasn't allowed to utter a single word in the film, fact: Not a syllable passed his fungus-infested lips in the 93 minutes and 13 seconds. But that only makes him more iconic. When he stares into the camera with big piercing saucer eyes, the little one is terrifically cast. The meanwhile grown man still has that look today. Rocky, who is called Cody Burger in real life, now lives more on social media platforms than in the RV and enjoys life away from the film business, which he has long since turned his back on. And the lip fungus too, it seems. Happy end.


Is traditionally in the US until 25.12. celebrated. Christmas Vacation is set during the Christmas season. The film doesn't actually make it to December 25th. It ends on December 24th. So Christmas Eve with the scene in front of the house. In this respect, the film that puts us all in a festively crazy Christmas mood every year is actually an open-ended film. And the question "will Clark still get his Traditional Old Fashioned Family Christmas" remains unanswered. Only the Griswolds know the answer. And the special unit, of course.


The scene with the electrified kitty was definitely too much for the studio bosses. They feared the public protest as well as the animal rights activists. Film producer Simmons refused to cut the scene. After a long struggle everything remained as it was! Those responsible were anxiously awaiting the first test screenings in front of an audience. Lo and behold: no scene earned more laughs than this one. The fried pussycat became cinema history and absolute film cult. Well done Mr Simmons.


And another cult scene. And not an easy one. One of the rodents, which is difficult to train, was trained by film animal professionals for months. Then the disaster. Just one day before shooting, the little nut robber died. And now? The scene was essential and so was a solution. Chechik improvised as so often happened with this film. A wild squirrel was caught. Left it free and camera off! The director later reported that these scenes had unexpected drive and realism. But also a completely uncontrollable degree of destruction. By the way, the little rodent survived and was neither transported to the afterlife by Clark's hammer nor the dog Rotzi. A paw print on the Walk Of Fame is still pending.


Was generally the catchphrase at the location. Chevy Chase, as a talented stand up comedian, hated to memorize things and technically play through 0815. Humor is only as alive as the moment it is born. True words but also a challenge, Not for Chevy, As a big star on the set, he always took the liberty of deviating from the script. He improvised wildly and breathed so much additional life into the strip. Much to the delight of the film crew and viewers. Fact: Planned jokes don't spark well. Quite the opposite of Uncle Harry's cigars...


Actually plays a minor role in the film. Who can and may slurp Eggnog and that's a good thing. Cousin Eddie, however, at least had the morning routine to ditch a couple of blondes out of a can. Only his absolute favorite came into play. Master Brew. A beer that really existed (see film treasures). The small American brewery with probably German roots no longer exists today. Which doesn't seem too unfortunate when you read the reviews from former college students. Grottenschlecht, a terrible drink, so the tenor. But next to the septic tank, everything probably tastes good. Cheers Eddie!


Faces are not uncommon in the film. Margoho aka Julia Louis Dreyfuss became world famous as Elaine in Seinfeld. Rusty and his sister also made a name for themselves in series and films. But does anyone know Clark's boss. N / A? Doesn't the face remind you of? Billy Murray. It is Billy's older brother who played rather small roles in this and other films. Often at his brother's side as in Groundhog Day, but here solo. In a small but mighty villainous role as a heartless company boss and a living, wrapped Christmas present. Just like Aunt Bethany's cat.


Were of course all on the set as professionals. In one scene though, even superstar Chevy needs a little support. When it came to unleashing an incredibly long string of curses on his boss, the tirade was too complex and epic to keep in mind. Therefore, behind the cameras, there were people with large boards on which the sermon of curses could be read. So Clark had a cheat. Nevertheless, a terrific performance that the stressed family man performed breathlessly. You don't see a copy of Rusty, do you?


It's always cool. Ellen aka Clark's wife aka Berverly D'Angelo probably thought so too. When the special squad in the film falls through the window, Ellen's hand lands in the father's crotch. Don't stir! A hilarious scene. But 0 planned. As Ellen later said, she thought to herself during one of the numerous takes "try it, maybe it'll be funny". And yes it was funny. The take was chosen from a plethora of repetitions and ended up in the film and permanently in our minds. That's what makes real actors. You are always one step ahead of the script. Well done Ellen.


1989 wasn't really a cinema Christmas movie year. Only two stripes saw the light of day in the winter wonderland this year. Nice mess was one of them. The film started simultaneously in 1744 cinemas in the USA. While he had to be content with second place in the first two weeks, he then catapulted his opponent Back to the Future 2 from the throne and stayed there for a few weeks. So Christmas Vacation aka Schöne Bescherung aka Help it was Christmas in the States was a huge success and box office hit right from the start. But nobody could have guessed that even after 30 years he would still draw such large circles.


Strange first with the strip. The film was not thought capable of a theatrical premiere and was banished straight to the shelves of video stores. And that wasn't until 1990. The success there was remarkable from the start and the waiting and reservation lists were long (nostalgia!) The cult VHS cassettes are still collector's items on auction platforms and stock exchanges. Also because its analogue charm reflects the film in so many ways. Nothing is perfect and if you do it wrong you end up with (band) salad. Christmas Vacation only saw the light of day in 2014 when some event companies launched performances. In general, however, like Christmas, Christmas Vacation is something that you have to watch with your loved ones.


Hollywood was stingy. Comedies usually got little money for production. Strangely enough, the second National Lampoons got a lavish budget that nobody expected. 27 million dollars was a lot of gravel back then and made a lot possible. Location shots, for example, excellent actors through and through and a polished screenplay. And no expense was spared in the post-production either, so the film was really finished, polished and perfectly polished on celluloid. Every year the viewer sees that it was profitable, as does the company that owns the rights to the wonderful spectacle, including the franchise. Hardly any film in film history had a greater impact on the souvenir industry.


The film celebrates its 30th birthday. Chevy Chase reports he hadn't looked at the film in 10 years. It was only a few years ago that he ventured a look into what was happening in Griswold and reminisced about resinous trees, squirrels and the big family Christmas, which was more chaotic than traditional. His conclusion after the credits: "a beautiful film, there should be more of it!" We agree. Merry Griswolds to you!

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